Our hero friend crashed his space ship into a hostile -just about to explode- planet;  help him repair his ship by collecting the missing pieces; each piece you collect also adds more time to the timer count.

Can you repair the ship before the planet explodes?

The game is still in a demo state, feel free to comment any errors or bugs you find.



Moves - Left/Right Arrow
Jump - Space Bar/Up
Double Jump - 2 * (space bar/Up)
Jetpack - Hold (space bar/up)
Shoot - Left Ctrl

Thanks to:

http://www.bleepblopaudio.com/,  http://x345art.daportfolio.com... and http://www.xerak.com/ for the Audio and FX and http://www.obsoletebrowser.net... and http://ansimuz.com for the Game Art

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