Time To Fix Controls

It's almost week 2 since I uploaded the first beta version of the game and I have been receiving feedback about modifying the controls (they are way to complicated it to use and master), so after asking around about what would be the best layout, looking online for best practices and just playing with different possibilities I got the following:

Left/Right Arrow : Moves
Space Bar/Up: Jump
2 * (space bar/Up): Double Jump
Hold (space bar/Up): Jetpack
Left Ctrl: Shoot

I moved the Jetpack attached to the player to the left hand size of the screen and also added a new animation courtesy of  http://ansimuz.com/ for when the bullet explodes, I think it looks super cool; I added a GIF to the post so you can check it

There is still a ton of bugs to be fixed and new ideas to include; if you have any idea, any suggestion or just want to say hi, feel free to leave a comment here


gottafixmyship_demo.zip 22 MB
Jun 21, 2017

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